TC Form for Reviewing Older ASHRAE Publications

ASHRAE staff needs your expertise! It is essential that ASHRAE publishes relevant, up-to-date technical content, and Publications staff is not qualified to make such determinations. Your feedback will help determine whether a publication needs revisions and, if so, to what extent. THANK YOU for taking the time to review this publication. Please complete this form, which will be submitted to ASHRAE Special Publications staff. If you have any questions about this form, please contact

The following checklist is a starting point that TC members can use when asked to review an older ASHRAE publication. The TC may wish to apply additional criteria not listed here.


  • Does this publication address a topic that is of interest/valuable to those in the HVAC&R industry today?
  • Is the information provided in this publication current or out of date/no longer relevant?
  • Are there advances in the industry, revised best practices, or new technologies, procedures, resources, and/or computer programs, etc., that should be included in the coverage of this publication’s topic?
  • What do you recommend as the next step for this publication?
  • If you recommend that ASHRAE revise/update and sell a new edition of this publication
    • Do you feel a revision of this publication would require new research to be conducted?
    • Do you feel the TC is capable of completing the required revision work?
    • Do you feel the revision could be completed on a volunteer basis or would require funding?


  • ASHRAE strives to maintain a reputation as the “Standard of the Industry” in HVAC&R matters. In this context, please choose the below description that most accurately represents your overall evaluation of this publication as one that contributes to this reputation. This publication…
  • Do you feel that this publication's topic merits/necessitates in-depth coverage in a stand-alone book such as this, or is it more appropriately covered in an existing or new chapter of the ASHRAE Handbook?
  • Is the technical content of this publication accurate (free of errors)?
  • Does the coverage of the topic seem adequate for the intended audience or is it lacking?
  • Is there another publication on the market (published by ASHRAE or any other entity) that better covers the information discussed in this publication?
  • Should new material be added (major topics that have come up since this title was published)?
  • If there are requirements from industry-accepted Standards included in the text, are those requirements current or have they been superseded?
  • Are the reference citations in this publication current or out of date?
  • Are the practices promoted in this publication currently considered common practices or old fashioned?
  • Do there need to be any changes to the organization (order of presentation) of the information?
  • Does the author effectively communicate his/her ideas and concepts?
  • Which of the following most closely describes the balance between theory and practice in this publication?
  • If applicable, does the SI content directly correspond with the I-P content?
  • If the publication is not currently provided in dual units, would users benefit from having the content available in both SI and I-P units?
  • Please mark the descriptions that most accurately describe each of the following elements of this publication.
    (Check all that apply)
    Examples/problems/sidebars (if any)
If there are additional characteristics that affected your opinion of this publication, please tell us about them: